Saturday, 13 February 2016

Risen: First Book Of The Nameless Chronicle - M.T.Miller

Title: Risen: First Book Of The Nameless Chronicle
Author: M.T.Miller
Publication Date: January 13th 2016


In the middle of nowhere a nameless individual rises from the dark. With barely any knowledge of apart from how to speak and how to kill, he finds himself in a world gone mad, Worse off, nearly everything that moves is out for his blood.

Not knowing where to turn, the wanderer traverses the desolate landscape of a ruined continent. Along his travels, his mind and body are pushed to their limits as he desperately tries to make sense of what had happened to the world, what he is, and why he exists.

For after foe meet their end and his hands, yet each kill only serves raise more questions. Is he even human? what has happened to the world? where does his path lead? The answer lies behind the blood stained horizon.


The book itself only took me around 3 hours to read in full and I can openly admit that it was 3 hours that I was truly never going to regret spending. Right from the outset the book had me griped. Full of action and detailed to perfection I quickly fell in love with Risen.

A nameless man who indeed rises from the dark with only two pieces of knowledge to his name is forced to protect himself from those who are after his blood by any means necessary. Killing his way into a danger free few hours never seems to last too long in this book. There is never a moment where what this man is doing becomes irrelevant.

On his journey to find answers, the man meets a homeless man and after gaining some information about where he is, befriends him and they spend the remaining story together, taking this journey for answers together.

Throughout the book we see them gain trust in each other, the homeless man speaking of his past life whilst the nameless wanderer speaks what little truth he knows.

Overall the book was gripping and perfectly written. Full of action and a perfect amount of gore and swearing for me. I can not wait to what M.T.Miller has in store next. I do recommend this book to anyone who likes a little blood and loves post apocalyptic action/ adventure with a few supernatural elements and pinches of black humour. This book is gory yet funny and has a rating of 5/5 from me.

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