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Blackspoon - Daniel Eagleton


Title: Blackspoon
Author: Daniel Eagleton
Publication Date: December 4th 2015
Publisher: Daniel Eagleton
Available Editions: EBook


If you were at the centre of a real-life conspiracy, would you even know it?

Charlie has just smuggled five kilos of uncut heroin back from the war in Afghanistan. This much he knows for sure. He also knows that, after he made it through customs, another solider was caught doing the same as him. And that the military policemen who provided safe passage; one of them has been found dead in an apparent suicide, while the other one has gone AWOL. Is it really possible there’s some kind of cover-up going on? Because even if there is –even if Charlie knew that for sure- who’d believe him? After all, he’s a criminal now. Veteran of a war no one quite understands. Praying, hoping. Waiting for whatever’s coming next.


Daniel emailed me earlier this month asking for an honest review of Blackspoon. I was instantly interested in doing so and so on enough I found myself reading it, finishing it in two days. I don't want to spoil any part of the story for anyone if you're going to give it a read so I do apologise if the review is very short.

Blackspoon is a pulp crime thriller about a young RAF officer who is coerced into smuggling heroin back from the war in Afghanistan. I must say I was really caught up in the book when it kicked in, thoroughly enjoyed the fact that as soon as you read the first page, the story has kicked in and there is no hesitation in getting the story set up and started.

I cant really say what I was expecting from this book, I just don't know what I was expecting but with that said I can say I wasn't disappointed with it.

The main character Charlie smuggles un cut heroin back from Afghanistan after the deal was set up by military police who gained him safe passage. Once the deal is done and the story begins to unravel he becomes understandably paranoid.

I have to say I wasn't expecting several things that happened in the book, I guess I was kind of expecting the story to go smoothly and well I was clearly extremely stupid to think that would happen. The story is very face paced but as the reader you'll always be able to understand what's going on even if you do get momentarily confused like I did on maybe 2 occasions (that was mostly because I was so into finding out everything will happen that I was reading it very quickly.)

I must say that I would recommend it to anyone who likes very fast paced books and is able to keep up with that sort of thing. also a 4/5 overall and a really great read even though its not in the genre i would usually read. The cover of the book I've seen is quite clever and I actually love it.

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