Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Bikers Co - Pilot

Brandon Turnbow, a motorcyclist was riding down to meet up with his father when he witnessed a man beating up a white tan terrier mix on the side of the road, before throwing it in the air and driving off. Thankfully Brandon turned around and got to the dog when it was only a few feet away from walking into the traffic.

Brandon approached the scared and alone dog slowly before wrapping him up in his leather jacket, helping him feel secure. he started his motorcycle and let it run for a while so the dog could become accustomed to the noise and vibration. Once the traffic died down and the dog had clamed Brandon continued to drive to meet his father who happened to also be on a motorcycle.

Both of the men then rode the miles back to Turnbow's house but at a four way stop, he turned to check up on the dog and said he was sitting in the seat "like he has rode all his life" The dog now stays with Brandon and is named Mr. Davidson.

Read the original story here Biker Saves Abused Dog On Side Of Road, Gains A Co-Pilot

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