Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Geek Girl - Holly Smale

I discovered the first two books of Geek Girl in the middle of the book Isle in a store and I spent several minutes there lookin at what to buy. In the end I bought both of the Geek Girls that I found and planned to take them on holiday that was coming up.
These books didn't make it out on holiday because of the heat, it begun to crinkle pages and I didn't want it to happen to these books. So I read John Green books I side in the room with air conditioning and never got round to reading the Geek Girl books until now. 8 months or so after buying them I sat to read the first of the series, after discovering the one book I had read was hard to get into. So at 10:30 I sat in bed and begun reading, 2:33pm came and I was still in bed and I had read Geek Girl cover to cover.
Geek Girl is a quick read, it’s the story of 15-year-old Harriet Manners.
You see, Harriet is a geek. She knows this because she looked it up in the Oxford English Dictionary sitting on her bedside table. Harriet has one friend (fashion loving Nat) and a stalker (even geekier Toby), and everybody hates her. But I cany understand why: Harriet’s personality shines through from the very first page, and I was hooked.
Geek Girl shows us, like we didn’t already know, that people with intelligence and enthusiasm, especially when they are teenagers, can (unfortunately) sometimes fall subject to bullying,  as Harriet discovers when her biggest enemy Alexa Roberts humiliates her in class. But is her modeling career going to solve all of the problems?
Aside from our protagonist, Geek Girl is full of wonderful and witty characters. From Annabell, Harriet’s suit-wearing stepmother and her overly enthusiastic father, to her wild fashion agent with a talent for turning any phrase into a nickname.
It’s delightful and funny and silly, yet you’ll learn some fantastic conversation-starters (or stoppers). I must admit I giggled a lot when I read this book but thats because well written books dont take much to make me giggle aha.
I enjoyed every page of the book and would recommend this book to any geek or any none geek. Hell  I recommend it to anyone.

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