Friday, 3 April 2015

Geek Girl Model Misfit - Holly Smale

After having such fun and enjoyment out of reading the first book I thought it was worth diving into the second. Of course I read it all in one day once again.
In Model Misfit, Harriet takes an trip to Tokyo, Japan, where she has wanted to travel to since she was six years old. She begins to create a New and Infinitely More Glorious Summer Plan 2 flow chart since she has been dumped by Lion Boy, abandoned by her best friend and her family don't seem to want to be around her any more.
I couldn’t help saying ‘awgh Harriet’ every few chapters, and if you read it, you will see why. It’s full of surprises, and not just for Harriet.
Model Misfit is as funny as Geek Girl, with little moments which are made even funnier because they actually happen. I loved it because I came to know every character well, i do say to anyone who reads it, expect the unexpected.
I simply enjoyed reading it.
Since reading it I've decided Japan is rising on my To Visit list. Maybe I won't live in a model flat, or have to wake up at 4am for a photo shoot or in fact experience any of the things Harriet did but even still.
One great thing about Geek Girl is that it's full of those facts you wouldn't ever come to know just by coincidence when surfing the Internet the whole day.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a giggle or a quick read or simply just needs more books on their shelves.
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