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Perfect Score - Susan Roebuck Blog Tour


About the Book

Title: Perfect Score
Author: Susan Roebuck
Release Date: 3rd May 2017
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: Ebook


Feckless, exasperating Alex Finch is a rich, handsome and talented singer/songwriter who longs for two things: a career as a professional rock singer, and to have his love for Sam Barrowdale reciprocated. But drifter Sam's two aims are simply to earn enough money to pay his sister's medical bills and to hide from the world his reading/writing and speech disability. At this time the word "dyslexia" is generally unknown so to most people he's just a "retard". From the severe knocks life's dealt him, Sam's developed a tough outer coating and he has no time for a spoilt, selfish guitar player.

Despite his defects, Alex's love for Sam never wavers and when Sam unexpectedly disappears, Alex begins a somewhat bungling quest to find him, only to discover that Sam has a fearful enemy: Alex's powerful and influential yet sociopathic uncle.

As Alex spirals downwards towards alcoholism, many questions need answering. Just why did Alex's evil uncle adopt him at age eleven yet deny him any affection? And what's the mystery behind Alex's father's death?
Both seem to face unbeatable odds. Are they doomed to follow separate paths forever?


I loved the thought of 2 people from the opposite ends of society coming together, it just seemed such a beautiful thought. Both characters took my heart along with them all the way through the book, they were so well constructed and portrayed I really wish I could open my door and they'd be on my doorstep.

Sam struggles with reading and writing and its evident he also had trouble speaking but I can easily understand what he's saying or trying to say, he works hard and is actually quite smart to the point my mind was blown, he knows things people believe he doesn't have the brain to know and he gets a lot of abuse for his 'disability'. He seems like such a frail character but to me he's quite intimidating. He's a drifter and works hard at any job he gets just so he can pay his sisters medical bills, which is the sweetest thing ever because he seemed to not care what it took or what he had to put himself through to do it. He just simply adored his sister and let me tell you, she's a hilarious character who is so real.

Alex is talented and handsome, also rich but all he wants is Sam to love him back and throughout the story you can see the signals being thrown out and you just cross your fingers that they'll be received and sent back. Alex understands Sam just as much as Sam's sister Amy does. You can tell throughout how much he really cares for him, and how much he wishes and wants to do something to help him out. I fell in love with both characters and found it hard to stop thinking of them once I finished the book.

For the other characters in the book, I felt a mix of feelings for, everyone that ever gave any of the main characters and trouble or said or did something I didn't like I was internally hissing. There were very few characters who I loved like Alex and Sam, I think the other characters were written in a way for the reader to make their mind up about? I did make my mind up in the end. With a few characters there's many conflicting emotions but I have to let it be because some of them I cant just hate or just love.

The plot is extraordinary, I mean the mental and physical things the characters have to go through blew me away, the situations they were caught in took my breath away and I was just crossing everything for everyone to make it out okay and everything be fine. There were a few plot twists I didn't see coming, after the majority of the book I just prayed everything would go smoothly and it to go to plan but obviously it never does. Susan created a world with clear knowledge of treatment of those deemed ill or disabled in this time period (1960's), she also created a story in which the powers of love are tested and the ways of which family ties can be strained. The whole corruption part of it really stuck with me, I think its down to me feeling that there is a lot of it in the current world but we are less aware of it or are and just willing to ignore it and pray it to go away.

Its a beautiful tale of love between 2 seemingly very different boys and the pressures of family and supporting those we love. The ending was something I never imagined, it bought around the concept of acceptance of people who are 'different'. Id recommend this to anyone who's in need of a LGBTQ+ read an anyone else. Its an easy 5/5 from me and I cant wait to see more of Susan in the future and will definitely be looking to read her second novel called Hewhay Hall.

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Author Information

My first love is, of course, my husband, my second writing, and my third painting. And now I have time to be able to indulge in all three.

My debut novel, "Perfect Score" was published by Awe-Struck Publishing on Sept 21, 2010 and the paperback was launched on May 11 2011. In May 2017 Mundania Press re-released the ebook.

Perfect Score was an EPIC (Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition) finalist in the 2012 EPIC e-Book Awards in the Mainstream Category.

"Perfect Score" is set in mid West USA in the 1960s and is a story about family relationships, corruption, growing up, integrity, responsibility, and being a man of worth in a society of the worthless.

"Hewhay Hall" is my second novel, published by Etopia Press on April 20, 2012. It has won the EPIC (Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition) 2013 e-Book Award in the Horror Category (an EPPIE)

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  1. That's a lovely review! Thank you so much xxx (it's so good when a reader "gets" exactly what I was hoping for. You're brilliant. xxx

    1. I'm really glad you love it ❤️ You're so brilliant to have written something so beautiful and powerful xx