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Déjà Moo: A Lawnmowers, Inc. Novel - PJ Benney


Lawnmowers, Inc. is London’s biggest (read: only) cattle-powered garden maintenance corporation. But after his Holstein mascot, Lily, goes missing, celebrity CEO Daniel teams up with reclusive witch Cynthia to uncover a conspiracy that threatens to destroy their futures and rewrite their pasts. With a detective hunting a werewolf in Camden Market, a coven of magi controlling London's biggest news channel, and a reporter desperate to expose a public scandal, it's only a matter of time before the city discovers both the fate of the bovine superstar, and the existence of magic itself...


Daniel Wesley never had his sights set on fame or riches but they had found him, he's now a CEO who has made an empire out of showing the world that the cows offer more than their milk and meat - that they're great lawnmowers. At The Grazing Day Fair in Hyde Park all is going good and well until Daniels speech comes along, he passes out on stage in front of everyone including reporters and awakes to find his mascot named Lily is missing.

There are a lot of great things to say about this book. First of all, the writing is hilarious. Good job I didn't count how many time I actually laughed or scoffed because that would be large number if I'm honest. I found the entire book to be well-written, both grammar and plot wise, everything was so meticulously planned out to be what it became its blew my mind. The story kept moving, the pace was spot on, and I was undoubtedly hooked from the start until the finish.

There are so many characters in this book that I just love, and you get to follow a good number of them throughout the story, we have a witch called Cynthia Pannettiére, her missing wizard boyfriend called Errol, a werewolf hunting ex detective Vincent Burgess, a wicked witch, an elderly couple of wise mages, a secret order of magical monks - and a fair few more fascinating characters. One I actually loved a lot is History. Yes History is a character, who comes across as just a sort of living being whom makes many appearances throughout the book and watches down on all things as they happen, happened, or will happen... you know because... time is relative...right?

I love how this book makes you really have to think!  And just when you think you’ve got things figured out, here comes a twist and you’ve got to keep reading to find out what happens next. I mean I think a lot of people would think this book hard to follow because of how its written but its really just an ordinary book that is as simple and easy to follow you just have to take everything in.

The end of the book, whilst it ties up the biggest issue at hand, it still leaves some things open to smoothly transition into a second book. I really cant say much as to what I expected going into this book but I can say is that it is extraordinary. I did have no expectations because I don't tend to read much of this genre so of course I didn't know what to expect but to have a character who is a cow, quite damn literally is one of the best things ever. The characters are so realistic and some quite quirky it just made them more relatable.

P.J Benney will surely go far with this book and all those that may come, his humour and writing are just something that when mixed together are so unique and quite beautiful if I may say so. Its an easy 5/5 from me, I cant say a single bad thing about the book except for the fact it had to come to an end, even though not a genre I read lot of, Déjá Moo has definitely opened that door for me and given me a little kick through it.

Déjá Moo is just the first, there is also Encore Moo a Novella and Bovine Intervention will be coming out in 2018.

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