Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

  1. A quirky or foiled cover/jacket; this is mostly just because they attract my eye and really just hypnotise me and just make me buy them. Half the time I have to talk to myself and ask myself if I really do need another foiled cover or quirky cover on my bookshelf. (THE ANSWER IS ALWASY YES)
  2. If I haven't heard of it and its been published recently: This is basically just because I'm not really fond of books that suddenly get really huge amounts of hype, if I do buy a book that suddenly gets loads of hype I either have read it beforehand or wait until the hype dies down a lot because it really puts me off and authors and books I haven't heard of deserve to be acknowledged.
  3. The synopsis sounds amazing or mysterious: Now this seems obvious right? but for me the synopsis has to really grip me because even if it sounds mildly good ill have to question myself if I think the way the book goes is worth me spending my money on it. I know, I'm a bad person for that but I guess I just want great books for my money I spend?
  4. If its highly recommended but has a small amount of hype: This is basically one of those where if you come to me and tell me about an author and their book and it grips me I'm going to want to read it and I'm going to ask if its well known and if you say no I'm going to be like "hell yeah I'm going to go buy a copy and give this author and book some recognition." sue me guys.
  5. I've had an ARC and loved it so much: This has happened with a few books but let me just say Caraval, first of all I got an E-book ARC and I automatically fell in love, it then got published after I had finished and review it and then the hype just blew up and then I ordered a copy online because I loved it so much and my ARC had timed out because it was a timed copy so I only had it for like 40 or so day and after that the file wouldn't open.
  6. The author is one of my favourites: An easy example or 4 of this point is Carrie Hope Fletcher, Giovanna Fletcher (okay there is a bigger reason to both of those but there are more examples)  I love Patrick Ness and John Green so I buy any book I can that have their names on.
  7. I've read the first book in a series and need the rest: I mean this is pretty self explanatory really? Like if I like what I experienced in the first round I'm gong to want to see what's next right?
  8. Its got like 150 pages: I mean I love thick books that have like 300 pages but sometimes short reads are really all I need at times.
  9. If the plot of the book includes something I would like to be educated or further educated on: I guess this is pretty much one of those where I think the plot contains something I don't know much about or want to know about I'm going to read it and learn from it, I like to learn about new things or further my knowledge on certain things.
  10. Bargain!: Like my 2 recent buys, I didn't buy them because I needed books, oh no I bought them because they were reduced, they looked good and hell I didn't want to miss out on a bargain.

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