Saturday, 23 July 2016

Something Like Happy - John Burnside

Well I couldn't find the synopsis or any sort of descritption for the short story I read. I'm pretty confused by it all right now. I downloaded this free book that was only 36 or so pages long which is great for a short story. I downloaded it and begun reading it in the first hour of my 4 hour flight but then I forgot I had begun reading it and instead continued reading Let There Be Linda. After returning home I found this short story on my phone and got right back into reading it. It sounds silly but somehow I didn't forget what I had read, as soon as I loaded up the story i was able to remember what had happened in the previous 12 pages so i didn't have to go back and beging reading from the start.

From what I know John is a poet and writer, he has several short stories out that are based around lonliness of men and women trapped in certain situations. From what i read in this, Authur McKechnie who's brother (Stan McKechnie) was dating Marie who is Fiona (our main characters sister)

The sisters argue a little over how stan isn't exactly the best Marie could do but she loves him and wants to marry him. near the middle end of the story, Authur begins to change, he begins taking clothes from his brother who has told him he cannot do so. Marie tells Fiona that Stan is looking for his brother so when Fiona later spots Authur she tells him but he doesn't seem to care at all and soon leaves.

The damamge ends up getting done and Stan ends up behind bards and Authur in the hospital but once hes healed he withdraws all of his money from the bank where Fiona walks, obviously avoiding her before disappearing for good. It seems like all along Authur just wanted a reason to leave town and never look back so when Stan finally gives him the reason he doesn't let it go to waste.

this leaves Fiona picking up the pieces of her sister who is depressed over the fact her boyfriend is behind bars Fiona is left feeling like she has nothing, fading into the snow she sits watching fall. It seems like now just like Authur all she wants to do is to get out.

I must say i am pretty confused about the whole thing but i think that's down to the fact ive only read one short story by John and that it may make sense if i read more? I'm not sure but ill possibly give it a go. What i read wasn't bad, and its clear John has a skill when it comes to writing short stories and can really make you connect with the characters he focuses on. For my lack of understanding but the greateness of what i read i give the book an overall 3 out of 5 but if i manage to understsnd this more after reading more short stories that rating would proabably go up.

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