Saturday, 30 July 2016

Corpse In The Kitchen - D.J.Reid

Off-duty police officer Danny Sullivan comes home from shopping to find a corpse lying on his kitchen floor.
So what can I really say its like a 20 page short story which was really something I read just because it seemed like it could have been funny and just because I was intrigued by the one line synopsis as it allowed me to start thinking about what happened etc. before I even read it.
It kicks off automatically as it should when only being a short story and in honestly I cant understand why I was really thinking so deep into the story but I was anyway. First off Danny reacts kind of too casually to a dead person lying in his kitchen yet alone the fact when the police actually arrive followed by the 'lab guys' Danny is just treated like he was a cop who had been called to a dead body in a kitchen it was just so weird for me to read that he wasn't technically treated like anyone should be when in those circumstances but hey ho I watch too much crime related TV shows its my fault I expected it to be those standards.
After following a trail of blood they find where the victim worked and was staying where they find further evidence and also gain information on how could have done it. Turns out in this neighbourhood you can run into a cops house when you're in trouble, in some stories that's really not something a character would do unless they were family or really trusted which Danny must have been. In the end they find who does it literally sat on ice which to me was something I laughed at, it was a funny ending for me I suppose.
What really did my nut in though is the fact the questions and theories the officer and Danny put together always seemed to go too nicely together and to plan and all questions they both had were answered exactly how they wanted them to be which I just started to ignore in all honesty.
Altogether I have to give it a 3 out of 5, it was well written and the plot had substance I just wish it wasn't a short story and then it could have been padded out more and possibly altered so everything could have been done how it really would have been done. I recommend it if you want a quick read to pass the time or fill in a short break its bound to work for you in those circumstances.

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