Thursday, 27 August 2015

Thursday Thoughts - Friendships

I think friendships are one of the best parts of life, like hey there random human who I've just met can you tell me about yourself? and then boom you either click or don't and when you do it's amazing.

When I was three I started school/nursery and there I met a friend who I will call S for this post. Since then me and S stayed friends, we have gone through the whole of primary together until I left my secondary school to move schools. We continued to talk and even though we don't see each other a lot we are best friends. I'm now 17 so I have know S for a mind blowing 14 years and we are still close as ever, we rarely argue and we have laughs and long conversations and she's so supportive. I'm lucky to of found a person I could share so long with and not regret a single moment.

I have friendships in sixth form, and they're great because they're always willing to have a laugh which makes my day when I'm down, they never fail to make me smile and I can not wait to go back and see them and just get back into our routine of laughs.

Its weird, how friendships work really, its heart breaking when they never work out how we want them to, I always want to treasure my friendships with people because there are very few people that I can trust but I'm afraid of being soppy with people.

To anyone with a great friendship out there, treasure it, laugh joke, play fight, watch movies, play games, keep that person in your life because you've connected so much since you discovered that person and they would clearly mean a lot to you if you've been friends for a long while through rough times.

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