Thursday, 13 August 2015

Thursday Thoughts - Confusing Emotions

Have you ever been in the position where you feel so many emotions you're not sure how you can function?

I've been in that position so many times and even I find it hard to deal with. I often get all of these feelings of both negative and positive kind, I often become so overwhelmed I don't speak or do much and then I get asked the questions of.
"are you okay?
"what's up?"
"do you want to talk?"
and I never quite know what to say or do because as much as I appreciate the support and the need to know I'm okay, I  just simply can't explain how I feel when it comes to all of these overwhelming emotions.

I always hope for the days to be the happy emotion days and to eliminate the negative ones but we cannot always get what we wish for.

The thing is, emotions are a part of who we are, with days that are positive, come days that are the opposite and as much as we try to avoid those days, sometimes it's impossible to stop, maybe you don't know those emotions are taking you over on those days and you become vaguely confused as to why you feel so negative all of a sudden, but it is important that we let someone know how it happened and then "let it go like a fart in the wind" as some people might say.

We all strive for the good things in life and It's wonderful, use the confidence you build up to excel the good things, and never let a bad day or thought drag you down so you begin to lose your good days. And when every emotion plays a part in your day just sit down, turn on your favourite movie, drink your favourite beverage and speak or surround yourself with the best people you know and know that the confusion you feel with your emotions doesn't last for ever and some days it will happen probably more than once but you have the control over whether you let those emotional days take you over or whether you take control over them.

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