Friday, 2 January 2015

Christmas with Billy and Me - Giovanna Fletcher

When I first got this book I was a little disappointed with how thin it was but Giovanna deffinetly has a talent when it comes to writing. I can't decide whether it's a Talent or a Skill.
So I do have to admit I haven't read Billy and Me that came before this but I was unable to find it in the same shop I had bought this from.
The books starts off with a little back story of Stacey who now owns a little teashop after its initial owner, her best friend passed away. Further into the story Stacey and Billy recieve and email from a mystery man requesting if he can propose to the love of his life in the small teashop. Of course they say yes, but who's the mystery man and the blushing bride to be?  I'll leave that for you guys to find out.
What Fletcher has managed to do is avoid writing something cliché. She could have quite easily overloaded us with sappiness but she didn’t. She took a different road and made a damn fine short story.
The book sort of hinted at more tales of Sophie May and Billy. The open ending made me so happy. Come on Mrs Fletcher, make your fans happy and write about them again. Please.
I give this book a rating of
4.5 out of 5.
Mostly on the pure basis that I want more books about Sophie and Billy a great book to read if you're into this sort of things. Also a great book if you don't have alot of time but wish to read.

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