Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Dr Who: Engines Of War - George Mann

I was granted the amazing opportunity to read this book before its official release on  September the 9th of this year.

Consisting of 198 pages I was gripped from the very start. As a fellow Whovian I was excited to read it as soon as I was granted the rights to do so. In this book you follow The Doctor and his companion on a journey throughout the time of the tragic war between two of the most powerful existing beings of the time.
The sarcastic and spontaneous side of The Doctor is a side I've always loved of any person/character.
There wasn't anything i could possibly dislike in the story it was a great written piece and a great read.

When the book is published on the 9th of the coming month I recommend this book to sci-fi lovers and any other Whovian who happens to be reading my blog.

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